What to do about jetlag with kids?

Don’t fly if you don’t want to deal with jetlag….. but if you really want to/need to/HAVE to……

# It probably helps going to a country where there is lots of light and sun – certainly in Santiago Chile, its hard to stay indoors asleep when its 30 degrees and bright sun outside!

#  We didn’t plan to do too much – our motto : no pressure….  but we still got out and about to explore our local  area. Realise that you may be a bit out of it…. its a bit like having a newborn again, when you so desperately want to sleep, you can’t.   I made the mistake of putting a pot of water on to boil, going to breastfeed my son, falling asleep and I woke up early morning to find a   pot  boiled dry and a horrible smell….

# Know that you and the kids will get over it – it might take two days or it might take a week or longer -be prepared for that.

#  Besides feeling “jetlagged” (grumpy, out of sorts, tired etc), your kids will also be adjusting to the new “home”, city or country they have just found themselves in – unfamiliar faces, location, language perhaps.  So be easy on them in your not so patient state!

#  Enjoy the sleeping in or staying up late – especially in countries where the evening period is the “alive” time (even for families)…. probably anywhere in South East Asia or South America.

# Don’t hurry home or anywhere else on a plane for that matter – post pone the next jetlag experience for as long as you can or even better still…..

REMEMBER  that there are other ways to cross continents and hemisphere’s including by boat, train, car, and by foot… now there’s an adventure to be had!!