Jetlag – what day is it?!

Jetlag is a bit like getting a cold, it varies every time; it might just be a snotty nose, or a sore throat or the works!   What’s worse, is that you might actually get a cold while recovering from jetlag!!

Jetlag is one of those things that you can’t avoid – there are lots of ways to cross continents and hemisphere’s – just beware if you chose the quick route than jetlag is just one of those things that you’ll have to overcome.

Kids actually help you get over jetlag, otherwise you’d be lying in bed all day – day after day after day…. imagine that!

We first travelled with kids when my eldest son was 6 weeks old.  We flew overnight, he slept reasonably well in block hours in the plane’s bassinet, whereas we barely slept. However when we finally arrived in Italy, it was midnight and we all went to bed exhausted – and vo’ila we woke up the next morning, had breakfast and all seemed right again…. The trip back however, turned  our days and nights completely upside down and inside out – just when my son was actually getting used to the difference between day naps and night sleeps.  So we were all awake at 3am and ready to play – ourselves included, and so tired during the day.  On top of all this,  wel got sick with colds, so it took at least a  week to recover.  Then life went back to normal.

Three years later, and we are travelling with two kids – a one and a three year old from Australia to Santiago, Chile.  We fly by day – fantastic as we are all the more saner for having had a nights sleep beforehand.  Our youngest does the best by far as his short naps help him to catch up on rest.   However, our jetlag  still lasts about four days.  We crash the morning we get there and trying to  sync sleep times between the two kids was difficult – lucky there are two of us to tag team!!

Our children slept as they needed to during the day although we did not darken the room and kept noise and light as per normal during daytime..  First night we were up at 3am, 2nd night 4am and finally by the 3rd night we woke up at 6am…. getting there!!!

Our 2nd flight, from Chile to London, UK was only a 4 hour time change, but in some ways it had a bigger impact – suddenly we were going to bed at 11pm and waking up at 10am, and my youngest son napping at 4pm. It was  harder to adjust to the new time change   partly because  our dream of kids sleeping in was finally a reality – did we want to wake them up earlier….. no way!!!