The things we packed!

imagesCAOBLZHZWhat did our luggage consist of??: 

  • minimal clothes for us and lots of change of clothes for the kids.  We probably packed too much but we didn’t want our kids to be cold or wet…  We bought all weather gear and some quick  dry clothes for everyone.  We  found that both adults and kids needed good breathable raincoats, wool socks and thermals (tops and bottoms).  Wool is fantastic for keeping kids reasonably dry and comfy.

    handy having woollens and some spares!!
    handy having spare clothes and woollens

A heap of cloth nappies for our one year old (good quick dry covers and terry towelling inserts).  We used them at home and wanted to continue using them overseas.  Being on the move a lot has meant that we have little washing/drying time and we have not used  them as regularly as we would like.  Currently, keeping up with washing our clothes is enough!  Leg warmers and no nappies we discovered, was even better!!

  • Two baby/kid car seats  (as we wanted to do a driving holiday)
  • Good quality camping gear; hand pump water filter, head torches, lightweight sleeping mats x 2, sleeping bags x 2 (we left our hiking tent and cooking stove behind to our regret).
  • A bunch of I.T crap including  laptop (do you know how hard it is to have quality internet time at an internet cafe with kids??).  It meant that we could skype family, download our photos, email,  use  internet when the kids were in bed, and blog of course!   We also bought a mini car  DVD player for the kids (and a bunch of carefully selected dvd’s – great for car travel).
  • who needs toys?
    who needs toys?

    A box of selected toys (legos, trains and cars), books, puzzles for the kids.   A lot of the time the “toy box” has not been opened and the kids have played with only a handful of the items, especially when we have camped.  My 1 year old has developed a fascination for rocks and the bottles in our food box and my 3 year old plays games using sticks and rocks as characters.  However, when you do need the distraction or something more (e.g. camped too close to a river cliff edge and need to contain the kids, when in a cramped cabin or apartment or when meeting new kids and having something for everyone), the toy box is marvellous – and just for those times… it is worth it!!

  • GPS and mapping (bought SD card in Australia), travel books and reading books for us (managed to sneak in just two)
  • lots of bank cards (and a travel money card for low transaction fees), a copy of everything in a personal folder; birth certificates, passports, international driving licences, wills, e-tickets, health info/insurance,  just in case..
  • 2 first aid kits put together by us.  One with dressings, tape, wipes, any creams etc.  The other with medication; powdered antibiotics for various infections (different ones for us and the kids), panadol/nurofen, thermometer, fess kids spray, antiseptic hand wash etc.
  • Last but not least, our passports and our sense of adventure…..

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