About us

In November 2012, we left our home in Melbourne, Australia.  We sold our business, packed our house, organised our  bags and took a flight from Melbourne to Santiago, Chile.  The plan was to spend time together as a family overseas,  travelling.  We figured we had a couple of years before our eldest son (3.5 yo), was school age. However, whether we had the budget to sustain us, would be another thing…..  The plan was to spend time in South America first and essentially follow the summer from there!!

We  booked ten days of accommodation in Santiago.  That’s about as far as we got in our planning…..The rest was going to be improvised along the way……

We had  both done some travelling  beforehand as single people, a big 6 month road october 12 140trip together as couple through Central Asia (which pretty much cemented our relationship), and finally we were heading off on an adventure as a family with our two sons (3.5 yo and 12 month old) in tow….. how different could it be????!