I need a poo!


Gone are the days of solo travelling when  you would have to hunt out the local MacDonald stores in whichever new foreign city you were visiting for your daily toilet stop. It would often mean sauntering casually past the counter and sneaking to the toilets before anyone saw you weren’t actually a customer…You would get to the toilets located somewhere obscure only to find out that for some reason (?!) they were locked and you would have to go and buy something from the menu anyway to use them after all – drats…!.

Finding public toilets in a city is not easy and sometimes you would prefer to avoid them altogether. However, going to a toilet when travelling is easy with kids because no-one is likely to refuse a desperate mother or father and their kid. We have found people to be sympathetic and we have yet to be refused a toilet when we’ve asked. We’ve used staff toilets in an op shop and a tiny overcrowded grocery store, and gone into countless of cafe’s just for the toilets…This is  fortunate  because  there may not be much  time  between the “i need a poo” statement and the actual event. Sometimes, I hang around and feel obliged to buy something, more as a sign of my gratefulness than anything else.

Today, I had one of those days where no matter how organised and pre-emptive I tried to be, it didn’t quite work.  My day out in London turned into  countless toilet stops….. I pre-empted a toilet stop before leaving the park in the  morning, but literally ten minutes later, on our way to the bus stop and once we had passed the main street of shops, my son whispers, yes, literally whispers that he needs a poo… it took me about another 5 minutes to register what he had said… “did you hear what I said, mummy”… well, no not really, I’m intent on catching bus number 18 to our proposed destination with two kids in tow…… A repeat and then I hear, righto…

So it’s time to head back to the strip shops…. first stop I find is “Conran” fancy land furniture store. Security guard sees my desperate look, yes straight in. Phew…done, and we are off again to catch the bus.  Again, after we’re done, I pre-empt another toilet stop before we leave the safety of toilet land. Would you believe, 15 mins later and again, the dreaded… ‘I need another poo’….. we are in the middle of nothingness, so I head back to where we were, which is now closed and so sniff out the nearest cafe I can find. I don’t even bother to sneak past any more, I don’t pretend I need to buy/order something, I just ask for the toilet, head point to my son and all is understood…

Well, as long as I’m here, I may as well go too….

Talking about bowel movements, you may find that your kids patterns may change while travelling and they may be affected by different environments/timezones/food etc….. I’m sure the limestone in the water in London or the high mineral content in Chile’s water had the opposite effect on my younger son, and this time, I was cursing….where is your poo?!!